Social Media Managers: LinkedIn Company Pages Just Got Better


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LinkedIn recently announced there are now 3 million LinkedIn company pages and counting! This makes me happy. I remember back in the day when company pages’ weren’t much more than an “about section.” At the time, I concentrated the majority of my efforts driving traffic to LinkedIn groups. While groups are still very relevant and useful, I’ve shifted focus and now use the company page as our hub due to the enhanced features and capabilities that have been released within the past year. 

From company updates to the ability to respond on behalf of the brand, company pages have come leaps and bounds, becoming much more Facebook-like. While Facebook continues to adjust security settings to make you feel more comfortable about the information you’re sharing, it’s still confusing. And even if it weren’t, individuals perceive it as blurring the personal and professional lines. With over 225 million professional members, I believe the continued evolution of company pages will become a game changer for marketers. It won’t happen over night, but it’s getting there!

One of the most recent (and exciting!) updates that LinkedIn has rolled out are company page analytics. Now there is one centralized dashboard (think Facebook insights) to see how your updates are performing (including impressions, clicks, interactions, engagement, etc). If you’re like me and have been manually tracking some of these analytics over the past few months, you will be jumping for joy at this new feature. 

Brands - if you’re not posting daily by now, you’re missing out. Similar to Facebook, pictures and quotes are performing best, but articles are driving excellent traffic and receiving good engagement as well. Don’t forget you can target your posts to different audiences, too. While these changes are ultimately to help drive paid items such as LinkedIn sponsored updates (which I can’t wait to test!) they’re very welcomed and a huge step in the right direction. 

Check out the new analytics tab yourself and let me know what you think!